Tree of Life Birth Collective Christian Childbirth Education

Christian Childbirth Education


Tree of life birth collective has tailored a spirit lead holistic approach to childbirth education. You will not only learn all about birth but also how to incorporate God into your birth story. Throughout the childbirth class you will have experts come to teach important subjects like nutrition, pregnancy exercise, pelvic floor health, massage techniques, placenta specialist, postpartum doula, doulas, lactation and much more.

The price for this spiritual birth class is only $200 per birthing couple. You will receive a total of 8 weeks of childbirth education. Please stay tuned for the next class session at our Graham location 4 Northeast Court Square. We are located right in the main circle of down town. Childbirth participants will receive discounts for services that Tree of Life Birth Collective has as well as amazing giveaways.

Topics of interest:

- How to have a spiritually healthy pregnancy

- Pregnancy exercise

- Nutrition

- Process of labor

- Techniques to stay comfortable in labor

- How to use your faith during labor

- Stages of labor

- Pushing techniques

- Scripture insights

- Handling labor challenges

- Birth Planning

- Postpartum

- Breastfeeding

To find out more and register please email us at of by CLICKING HERE

We look forward to having you and class!

Tree of Life Birth Collective Christian Childbirth Education