North Carolina Placenta Encapsulation


Why do moms encapsulate and ingest their placentas? 

Ingesting your placenta can be VERY beneficial to a mother adjusting to the physical and emotional changes and demands of parenting a newborn, as well as helping her heal from the birth. Although the research on placenta ingestion is very limited, there is a large amount of women who agree that ingesting their placentas greatly benefited them during the postpartum period! 

The primary benefits mothers notice while taking their placenta capsules are: 

  • Increased energy and less fatigue

  • Increase in milk supply

  • Faster healing 

  • Overall more pleasant postpartum period with more ability to bond and care for baby

Kristian offers placenta preparation services. This includes pick-up and transport from your birth location, safely preparing your items, and dropping them off to you (either at birth location or home depending on where you are). The process for all of this generally takes 2-3 days. 

There are a few steps that need to be taken depending on where you are giving birth to your baby. Please get in touch with Kristian to talk over the process. 

The fee for placenta encapsulation is $250. 

Kristian also offers packages for mamas who want to add additional services to encapsulation. These services are placenta prints, umbilical cord keepsake, smoothies, tinctures, salves, and mother’s broth! 

Contact Kristian at or 336.516.3660 for more information about this service. 

Service is offered by Kristian Jordan

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