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Latoya is a Dona trained doula that assisted in her first birth over 10 years ago. From the first birth she knew she was drawn to the birthing process. She graduated from Appalachian State with a BS in Computer Information Systems and NC State with MA in Business and Marketing Education. She taught for 15 years in the public school system. Latoya has birthed five daughters, whom she homeschools and devotes her time to. She is committed to being an educator, advocator, learner, and to service. 

After reflecting on her experiences with labor and delivery from her five births, she felt drawn to working with women to have their optimal birth. She firmly believes in educating women on their bodies, babies and the birth process. She believes that every woman should have the birth they desire, if possible. She has joined with a non profit doula service that provides doulas to qualifying women. Working in the school system, she has seen the lingering effects a traumatic pregnancy and birth can have. She has vowed to make a difference from the womb and beyond. 

Latoya believes that God is leading and guiding her life and being a doula is the next step in her maternal journey. She believes in going back to the basics in all things, even in delivery. Women have been equipped for the beautiful task of labor and birth, she wants to help women find their strength and voice through the process.