DONA International Certified Birth Doula, Sibling Doula & Belly Binding specialist

Hannah has loved childbirth and caring for others since she was young. At six-years-old, Hannah was present for the birth of her younger sister. This sparked an interest in pregnancy and childbearing that would continue to grow.

When a friend of Hannah’s became a doula, she was fascinated by the role and wondered if that was what the Lord had been guiding her towards all along. Hannah began pursuing becoming a doula. She was amazed at how well the role of a doula suited her, and has felt like she has been right where the Lord wants her ever since.

When Hannah isn’t at a birth, Hannah enjoys spending quiet time with Jesus, and learning more about who He is through nature and scripture. She tries to spend as much time as she can outside, admiring the beauty of creation. She loves exploring new places, learning about new cultures, and is never afraid of a new experience. Hannah also loves to write, and takes joy in writing birth stories for her clients.

As a doula, Hannah wants to make sure that every mother feels loved, supported, and prepared through their journey into motherhood. She believes that childbirth is a wonderfully life altering experience, and that every mother should feel educated and supported in her choices. Hannah loves to see women be courageous feel empowered to do what God designed their bodies to do.

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