Essential oil use in pregnancy, birth and postpartum


Aromatherapy can be a wonderful tool for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Aromatherapy is the science and art in which essential oils derived from plants are used for their therapeutic properties. Throughout history, botanical sources have offered a holistic approach to health.   Essential oils are a safe, effective, comfort measure option for pregnancy and birth and they are able to provide emotional and physical healing effects for your entire family.  

As a Midwife and Essential Oil Expert, Rebecca consults on how to safely and effectively use oils during pregnancy, birth and beyond for both moms and babies. 

Here are some of the important ways in which essential oils can help you enjoy your pregnancy and new baby: 

 ·         Increase milk supply

·         Newborn digestive issues

·         Balance Hormones during the 4th trimester

·         Ability to help you deal with stress.

·         Aid in relaxation & have calming effects to help you cope during labor

·         Help with many common discomforts during pregnancy and birth

·         Uplifting and promote a positive outlook.

·         Balance mood and help to dispel negative feelings and emotions.

·         Help with insomnia and nausea. 

·         Give a sense of empowerment, peace and tranquility.

 Essential oils are anti-viral, anti-bacteria, anti-septic which makes them a great option for keeping you and your entire family healthy and well.

Rebecca spent 7 years as a midwife and has a passion to empower moms with their health and the health of their family. Rebecca offers free wellness consults to help you learn how to use Essentials safely and effectively during your pregnancy, during birth, and from infant, toddler, young child and beyond. She also provides free continuing education classes monthly at her Essential Oil Classroom in Graham.

 A note from Rebecca --
“I work with Moms who value natural solutions, self-education, and freedom in health choices.  Many of my clients feel that aromatherapy is vital for the support of their physical needs as well as meeting their emotional, environmental, and even spiritual needs in labor and birth.   I will consult the expecting Mom on how to safely and effectively use oils during pregnancy, birth, and during the postpartum period as well as on into the child through adult years.  As a Midwife and Essential Oil educator, I can recommend application strategies that are unique to pregnancy so you can plan to use the best oils for a safe and wonderful birth.”