Childbirth International Trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, BSW

Becca grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan. While in high school she spent much of her time providing childcare by volunteering at churches, shelters, and working with families. Through these experiences she became passionate towards serving and empowering women and their families. Becca came across the birth work community during her senior year in high school. She knew that she wanted to support and empower women, but also felt a pull toward mental health services.

She attended Oakland University to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and continued volunteering at shelters for survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence. Through this she gained experience with crisis intervention, bystander intervention, and trauma informed practice. In addition, she interned at Easterseals to serve individuals suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders. She became involved in case management and group therapy to assist in completing goals and overcoming trauma. Compiling what she learned from both opportunities, Becca revisited the birth work community and began researching how to better support women and encompass her previous educational experience. She came across doulas and fell in love with the work and compassion she found and pursued Birth and Postpartum Doula training through Childbirth International. Becca graduated with her Bachelor’s in Social work and moved to the Triad area where she is continuing to work on her Birth and Postpartum Doula certifications. She is eager to get to know the area and how to best serve those in the community.

Becca believes that faith is a continuous journey and is looking to grow and serve God through her work supporting women and their families. God’s love is all encompassing, and Becca seeks to share God’s love and compassion through service. She hopes to continue supporting survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence, while also offering emotional support to women and their families. She is passionate about advocating and empowering individuals from all walks of life during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. To find out more about Becca’s services you can contact her by email at